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Tradition of Akha tell of the legendary descent of the entire people from seven brothers… [more]

Akha Akha


Most of Chin people live in the mountainous Chin Hills area of the northwestern Myanmar,… [more]

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The Hakha Chins live in central part of Chin State in Myanmar. Hakha is also the… [more]

Hakha Hakha

Welcome to The Bible Society of Myanmar

You are warmly welcome to our website. The Bible ministry in Myanmar started 125 years ago by British and Foreign Bible Society as one of its agencies. Amidst of different obstacles, uncertainties and limitations in the country, today, the Bible Society stands firmly in making God's Word available to the people of Myanmar. To God be the glory for His divine provision and protection.
The population of Myanmar is estimated to be 60 millions, of which about 6% are Christians. There are more than 135 sub-races and language groups recognized by the government. Among them, 68 different languages have received either the whole Bible or New Testament or portion of the Bible.
You are invited to explore our current Bible ministry in Myanmar. It is our sincere prayer and hope that these pages will bridge between you and our current ministry for the purpose of sharing God's Word to different ethnic groups in Myanmar. Together, we can make differences.

Rev. Khoi Lam Thang
General Secretary
The Bible Society of Myanmar

Sketch About BSM

In Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), the Bible Ministry was introduced by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1889 as its one of the agencies. The ministry was led by the following missionaries as the Secretary of the Bible agency until 1964.
(1) Rev. William Sherratt (1899-1933)
(2) Rev. W. H. Willans (1933-1957)
(3) Rev. S. V. Vincent (1957-1964)
Due to political change in Myanmar, all foreign missionaries had to leave the country. As a result the Bible ministry was ministered under the leadership of the national Church leaders in 1964, and the ministry was reorganized as independent and autonomous Bible Society. The full-time national General Secretaries since 1964 are:
(1) Rev. U Aung Than (1964 – 1985)
(2) Rev. Than Tun Myat (1985 – 1999)
(3) Rev. Dr Saw Mar Gay Gyi (2000-2010)
(4) Rev. Khoi Lam Thang (2010 – to date)

Present Officers are:

Chairman: Dr. Zaw Win (Myanmar Baptist Convention)
Vice Chairman: Capt. Lal Sang Liana (Salvation Army)
Treasurer: Rev. Saw Crainner (Baptist)

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